Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Late Rumors 2/17

It is now being said that discussions are on going between Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets. Expect this to go back and forth until an announcement is made

Pau Gasol has made it known that he'd like to play along side his brother. Conflicting reports say Gasol is against being traded and plans to re-sign with Chicago. There is now a report saying Sacramento and Chicago are discussing a trade for Gasol. Gasol also just followed the Sacramento Philharmonic.

Cleveland tried to send Varejao to Orlando for Channing Frye. Orlando declined the offer.

The Jazz and Rockets are in discussions to send Ty Lawson to Utah in exchange for Trey Burke

Boston is doing everything they can to get Kevin Love, even trying to get a 3rd team involved. Good source of mine believes Love isn't going anywhere.

Houston is willing to trade anyone not named James Harden. It will come down to the deadline for them. Supposedly Houston is looking for multiple 1st round draft picks to deal Howard

The Kings will contemplate hiring ex-Cavs head coach Mike Brown to replace assistant coach Vance Walberg. Walberg was fired today and blamed for defensive issues. George Karl said he was against and confused by firing because Walberg didn't handle defense

Deadline is tomorrow at 2pm San Antonio time. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated.

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