Friday, February 26, 2016

News Update 2/26

Anderson Varejao has signed with Golden State

Joe Johnson will be signing with the Miami Heat very soon. Once he was bought out, many thought he'd sign with Cleveland. Not the case, as he felt he'd have a bigger role with Miami.

JJ Hickson signed with the Washington Wizards after being bought out by Denver.

Minnesota guard, Kevin Martin will also be bought out. Several teams are already interested. The team has waived Andre Miller

Orlando has picked up Chris Copeland off of waivers.

Houston is looking at buying out Ty Lawson
James Harden pressured Houston to fire Kevin McHale, (CBS Sports). Harden also pushed for Howard to be traded last week.

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has set an NBA record for most consecutive games with at least one three pointer (128, passing Kyle Korver).

Memphis' Beno Udrih and Marc Gasol are out for the season after have surgery this past week.

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